185px-Spiky the Stygmolochs
Name Stygimoloch
Age 6
Gender Male
Favorite Thing to Do Showing off his horns
First Appearance Valley of the Stygimolochs

Spikey Stygimoloch is a Stygimoloch.He is 6 years old and his only friend is Buddy and Tiny. He first appeared in Valley of the Stygimolochs.


Spikey is cocky, He's friendly, cheerful but he can be annoying and rude sometimes. He helped Buddy find who he really was..


Spikey is spiky,he has horns everywhere, his back, his head and on his fingers. Spikey is a therapod. Like Buddy. He is light brown and his horns are dark.



The Gallery for Spikey can be seen here

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