Name Gilbert
Gender Male
Favorite Thing to Do Mostly enjoying playing with his friends and being with his Uncle Mr.Conductor.

Gilbert is a Troodon, He is smart (since being a Troodon) he doesn't know about Shiny having a crush on him.


Gilbert is sweet, caring, and he always happy to be the guild for the Ptranodon Family in the around the world trip episodes in Dinosaur Train, He's smart and he knows a lot more than Buddy. His balance isn't really good since his brain takes up half of his body weight.


Gilbert is orange (the same color as his uncle) and having a red hat like his uncle and having brown irises.


  • Buddy - Gilberts best friend is Buddy. They share IQ and they loves to talk about species. and hypotosithes.
  • Don - Don and Gilbert wern't friends at first. but they seem to get along just fine.
  • Tiny - Tiny and Gilbert love to play games.
  • Shiny - Shiny has a crush on Gilbert. She shows it throughout the series, and so does gilbert.


Gilbert and there

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