Don pterandon
Name Don
A/K/A "Mr. The Don" (By Mr.Conductor)
Dislikes Gilbert (At first)
Gender Male
Favorite Thing to Do Collecting Objects from Nature
Voice Actor Alexander Matthew Marr

Don is a Pteranodon who enjoys dancing and having a collection. He's a little wider than Shiny and Tiny, with a larger chin. He enjoys digging holes, observing insects, and collecting objects for his nature collection. He is his mother's favourite


Don is clumsy, sweet and calm. He never argues and when arguments happen he never takes sides. 


Don's Apperance is Green with a big chin, he does not have irises in his eyes only pupils.


  • Buddy - Buddy is don's best friend, they play together and share secres. Because they're both boys
  • Tiny - Tiny is Don's sister, they not that much seen together playing with each other.
  • Shiny - Shiny and Don are closer siblings than Tiny and Buddy



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