Name Buddy
A/K/A "Buddy, my Buddy" (When Mr.Conductor Greets Buddy.)
Dislikes When somebody Hurts his friends (In Fanfics)
Gender Male
Favorite Thing to Do Visting The Dinosaur Train

Buddy is a curious T. rex who likes to question the world around him and find the answers to those questions.  He is adopted and now part of the Pteranodon family when he was discovered as an egg.He is the second oldest out of the four children. Buddy's best friend is Tiny. also Don in some episodes. His first appearance was in Valley of the Stygimolochs


Buddy is a calm, loving, caring, dinosaur He is best friends with his younger sister, Tiny. Even though they argue, they always find a way to be friends again. Don and Buddy are also friends. Buddy often gets angry with Tiny doesn't argee with him, such as in the episode A Spiky Tail Tale


Buddy is Orange with Blue Diamond stripes he resembles Greymon with this color scheme..


  • Tiny - Tiny and Buddy are brother and sisters, they are also best friends. They both go on the Dinoaur train together with their mom.
  • Don - Don and Buddy are brothers, they love each other and they love to play. Although Don did get jealous when Gilbert started taking buddy away from Don
  • Annie - Annie is a T-Rex, same as buddy. Annie sometimes questions Buddy for living with a pterosaur family. She even asked Buddy to live with her.
  • Shiny - Shiny is buddy's sister, she is rude, but sometimes, Buddy and shiny get along. Shiny has never been rude to buddy.


Buddy trex

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